HI! I'm Daniel Bennett aka the Recurring Revenue Rockstar
I help businesses & influencers make 5-6 figures per month on autopilot by selling ONLY perfect buyers more stuff more often
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Do you ever feel burned out in your business, wondering...
  •  How can I get MORE (time, money, results, sales, fans, buyers etc.) with LESS (work, stress, headaches, drama, expense, overhead, etc)?
  •  How can I stop trading time for money (and truly make money while I sleep, or play golf, or...)?
  •   How do I get more LIFE in my so-called work/life balance?
  •   How can I create forever customers (aka super fans) who beg me to buy everything I sell?
  •   How can I attract my perfect buyer and AT THE SAME TIME repel the time-wasters?
Recurring revenue is the only way to truly transform your business & your life.
I know this for a fact because the "subscription economy" transformed my life from a broke musician constantly worrying where my next dollar was coming from to earning 6 figures a year on autopilot while working 6 hours a week (or less)

Here's another way to look at it...

When you close your eyes, drift off to your happy place and dream, do you want your business to be like 2020 Netflix or 1999 Blockbuster (remember: be kind, rewind! hehe)? Thought so.

If you sell a thing one time to one customer, you're not just selling the hard way. 

You're selling 100% the WRONG way

Especially if your "sales strategy" involves competing on price. No one cares about the #2 lowest price. (Think about it - are you loyal to that razor you buy only if you have a coupon? Nah. Think your customers are any different? Nah.)

After all, Blockbuster is extinct for a reason, just like the VCR with the flashing 12:00.

You can't get what you want staying stuck in the past - you owe it to yourself to move into the NOW.
There's a totally new way to SELL SMARTER.
But don't take my word for it.
THE MOST PROFITABLE COMPANY OF ALL TIME has realized that quality > quantity = way better profits (and life). Why else would Apple be pushing Apple Music subscriptions even though it's killing off their own iTunes download business?

Because it's the only business model that makes sense (and cents...lot's of 'em).

BOOM! Let that one sink in.

The "enlightened" ones know how to get a perfect customer once and regularly sell to them forever (vs. the constant hamster wheel of buying new customers (VERY EXPENSIVE!), selling to them once and then throwing them straight in the trash and buying more one-time customers):

    •  Neflix subscription (vs. Blockbuster single video rentals)
    •  Amazon Prime loyalty/rewards subscription (vs. basically every other commoditized retailer who now is the #2 cheapest)
    •  Apple Music subscription (vs. selling iTunes purchases)
    •  Microsoft Office 365 subscription (vs. selling Office 2013 on discs)
    •  Adobe Creative Cloud subscription (vs. selling Photoshop floppy disks)
    • Dollar Shave Club (vs. Gillette selling single razors)
    •  and so many more
Once you unlock the secrets, expect massive results with micro work
I have struggled to achieve my definition of success - owning my time (the most precious thing any of us will ever own, in my humble but accurate opinion). 

Now my mission is to help you achieve your definition of success faster, cheaper, and easier. It's the hardest thing you'll ever do, but it's the only thing that really matters. There's no "easy" button, so you'd better be ready to DO THE WORK.

My therapist has helped me learn that I get what I want when I help enough other people get what they want. I want you to be the best version of yourself and truly live your dream life through the financial freedom and peace of mind that comes from the magic of "mailbox money"!

I'm all about you.
It's your turn for success
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From Failure To Freedom
How Recurring Revenue Transformed My Life
And how it will help you achieve your own definition of success...
Hi! I'm Daniel Bennett, aka the Recurring Revenue Rockstar.

I've built a 6 figure a year technology consulting business working 6 hours a week (or less). I only work with a small handful of super high quality clients I love - no jerks allowed. All with ZERO marketing (barely even a website), ZERO social media and ZERO employees. YOU CAN TOO.

I text hilarious memes back and forth with world-famous celebrities, entertainers & Fortune 100 executives who are my clients. Life's too short for bad clients so I "audition" them - I choose them, never vice versa. YOU CAN TOO.

In fact, I've lived & worked in Nashville "Music City" USA long enough that if you listen to country radio for an hour you've just heard the voices of at least a couple people who know, like & trust me. I've created super fan clients who beg me to keep taking away more & more of their pains (ie. continue selling more stuff to them). YOU CAN TOO.

As a professional guitarist I've played on some of the biggest stages in the world. 10,000+ hours of hard work and dedication to my craft took me to the top of the ladder - a ladder that was leaned against the wrong wall! (Although opening up for Joe Cocker in front of 11k screaming fans was mind-blowingly rad). 

Talk about a painful lesson to learn the hard way! No one told me that I (and, as I later learned, everyone else who does once-and-done selling) picked the absolute worst business model - hoping & waiting for a buyer to "choose me". 

Now I know how to attract & keep only my perfect buyer, regularly sell them more stuff and repulse everyone else who are vibe (and profit) killers. YOU CAN TOO.

I own my time & am truly living MY dream. If I want to hit the studio to jam with my musician buddies at 11am on a Wednesday, I do it. And since my money rolls in automatically every month, playing music for free makes it fun again because I never stress about squeezing dollars from where there are none (making money playing music). 

Yep, I'm there for all my kids' basketball games, gymnastics, etc. Rock climbing in an hour? Belay on! Because I can. YOU CAN TOO.

But first, the bad news for you...
It hasn't been easy for me. And it for sure won't be easy for you.

Actually, that's the understatement of the decade. For me, transforming my entire business model from "old school" to the "new school" has been 10+ years of heartaches, headaches, sleepless nights, mistakes, and plain "don't know what I don't know" nightmares that have bitten me in the !@# over and over.

And lots of therapy to stop being an emotionless robot, learn to value myself (the #1 struggle for all creatives), and manage my ferocious fear/shame demons. Thanks for listening.

Are you ready to do your hard work? If so...
Now here's the good news for you...
I'm here to help you achieve success faster, cheaper, & easier. 

And everyone knows that time is money, right? WRONG!!

It's actually so much more than that...
• It's NOT wasting the best years of your life and career learning things the hard way and wearing the scars to prove it (mine aren't pretty, believe me)
• It's NOT nosediving all the family and friend relationships you treasure most into a flaming crash-and-burn fireball because your work/life balance is all WORK and no LIFE
• It's NOT spending "quality time with your kids" in the divorce courtroom or the park every other Saturday
• It's NOT letting your buyers break your boundaries and rule your life
• It's NOT putting low-class jack!@# customers in the driver's seat of your business & lifestyle
Is today your day to stop working harder & start working smarter? 
For your sake, I hope so.
Here's to doing less, better!  👊
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